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Taking the next step to seek therapy is no easy task and can be scary. When you acknowledge needing help with an area in your life, you can begin your journey to healing and wellness. If you are experiencing new or chronic stressors, you may benefit from therapy. The therapeutic process can mean feeling worse before you feel better and requires that you commit to seeing sessions through to achieve your goal.

Therapy is a process of identifying what areas you want to focus on improving, setting some goals and working toward meeting those goals. To do this, you will have a dialogue with your therapist and your therapist will use various techniques and strategies to help you move toward a healthy level of functioning. We will focus on tapping into your strengths while working with you to find solutions to your problems.

TREATMENT Specializations

Pre-Teen & Teen Issues

Parents having Difficulty Understanding their Teen

Rebuilding the Mother-Daughter Relationship

Stress and Anxiety


School Issues

Relationship Concerns

Adjustment Issues



Conflict Resolution

Parenting Support

Anger Management


Family stress

Unresolved childhood issues