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About Therapeutically Connected

How was Therapeutically Connected Established?

Therapeutically Connected was established by Lanicee Causly, Marriage and Family Therapist, who wanted to provide a unique space for pre-teens and teens to participate in counseling with therapists that genuinely enjoy working with kids. Additionally, we wanted to provide support for parents and caregivers that helps them navigate their child being in therapy. At Therapeutically Connected, children are provided a safe place to process their thoughts and feelings to find positive outcomes and solutions to their problems. We believe that when kids have a strong foundation, this provides them with an opportunity to thrive.

We seek to help kids identify their coping skills and build healthy relationships to lead meaningful lives they can be proud of. We provide a non-judgmental environment where kids can find their voice, be heard, and play an active role in their treatment. We also provide parent support through family therapy and classes/workshops to educate parents on understanding their child’s mental health needs. Parenting did not come with a manual and parents need to know how to support their child and feel supported as well along this journey.


Therapeutically Connected Family Counseling, Inc provides adolescents, parents, and families with individualized mental health services and educational resources. We aim to support connections grounded in social and emotional wellness while identifying an individual’s strengths and tapping into their resilience to lead meaningful lives.

We can help you understand yourself, symptoms, and your purpose.